Hanyang University has a strict academic regulation that class attendance of at least 2/3 is required to earn a passing grade. As it is an intensive short-term study program, attendance takes a very important part in evaluation for the course and students who are absent more than five classes can be given an “F” grade for the course. If there are any inevitable excuses such as health problems, students should inform the professor prior to class and submit the proof documents later.

At Hanyang University one (1) credit equals fifteen (15) contact hours. All academic courses are three (3) credits each with total of forty-five (45) contact hours. All elective courses are one (1) or two (2) credits each with a total of fifteen (15) or thirty (30) contact hours.

Hanyang Credits Contact hours
Academic Course 3 Credits 45 hours
Elective Course 1 Credit / 2 Credits 15 hours / 30 hours
Research Project 3 Credits 4 weeks: 60hrs

Except for only specific cases, a course will be cancelled if less than ten (10) students register for the course. If a course is cancelled under the minimum student’s number policy, we will immediately contact students and ask them to consult with us regarding alternate course registration.

All courses have limited number of slots available and it will be reserved on first-come and first-served basis. It is strongly recommended to think of plan B with course registration in case students are not able to register specific courses they primary desire due to the limited seats or course cancellation.

Course Change is available only during the official course add & drop period designated by Office of International Affairs (OIA). Students can refer the Course Registration page for course registration period and procedure.

The student’s academic performance is assessed according to five different criteria written in each course syllabus. All courses will be graded on an absolute evaluation basis and grades will be marked as “A+, A0” to “F” scale on the transcript.

Letter Numerical GPA
A+ 95 – 100 4.5
A0 90 – 94 4.0
B+ 85 – 89 3.5
B0 80 – 84 3.0
C+ 75 – 79 2.5
C0 70 – 74 2.0
D+ 65 – 69 1.5
D0 60 – 64 1.0
F 0 – 59 0

Students will be able to print their own official transcript along with their certificate of completion starting approximately two weeks after completing the program. The first print of your transcript is available for free, but payment is required for reprints.

More detailed information about printing transcripts can be found on the Transcript page.

All our courses are credit-bearing courses and are acknowledged at most Universities and Institutions. However, it is better that students consult academic officials at their home Universities about credit transfer prior to the program begins. It is students’ responsibility to consult properly and it is their home university’s right to decide on the matter of credit transfer.