First time in Korea? Don’t worry about the arrangements! HISS is fun-filled with activities to give you a real taste of Korea. Our activities are the best way to enjoy summer in Korea. This year we introduce you under 3 different Overnight Activities, Busan, Gangneung, and Jeollabuk-do or One-day Tour Package which includes Boryeong, Everland, and Hanbok activity.

For your convenience, we have put the Overnight Activities and One-day Tour Package below, and you can take a look at intriguing activities under each activity. You can choose either one of the Overnight Activities OR the One-day Tour Package.  All activities are subject to change and details will be published here as soon as more details are known. 

There are two registration periods for the Activities.

1st Period: April 25 ~ April 28
2nd Period: May 30 ~ June 2