First time in Korea? Don’t worry about the arrangements! HISS is fun-filled with activities to give you a real taste of Korea. Our activities are the best way to enjoy summer in Korea. This year the activities include Nanta Show, Korean Food Cooking Class, DMZ Tour, Everland, Mud Festival and Watersports! You can choose up to 3 activities. All activities are subject to change and details will be published here as soon as more details are known.

It is not yet determined which activity will be planned on which date.

Enjoy Korea’s #1 Non-verbal Korean cooking-themed performance!

If you’re hungry for comedic entertainment, feast your eyes on these delightful rhythmic treats! A variety of percussion sights and sounds will have your toes tapping and sides aching with laughter!


Experience an action-packed day out at Everland, Korea’s largest amusement park.

Ranked No.1 for student satisfaction two years in a row (HISS Student Activity Satisfaction 2019 & 2021), Everland has always been one of the must-visit destinations for all HISS participants. From T-express, a thrilling wooden roller coaster to panda world, Enjoy over 40 rides and attractions!

Source: Everland Official Naver Blog,

Get clean by getting dirty! We invite you to enjoy a truly unique summer experience in Boryeong.

Jump into a mud bath and cleanse your skin with good old-fashioned dirty fun! Boryeong mud is known to containing numerous natural minerals that rejuvenate the skin. This popular annual summer festival is also packed with fun-filled activities from mudslide to mud wrestling!

Source: Boryung Festival & Tourism Foundation

A trip to South Korea is not complete without a visit to the DMZ.

The DMZ is the boundary that separates South Korea and North Korea. Access to the closest point you can get to North Korea and gain insight into Korean War history with a guide. A scenic view across the demilitarized zone and North Korean territory is also waiting for you at the Dora Observatory.


What better way to experience Korean culture than cooking and tasting food?

What do Koreans eat every day? Learn about Korean food culture and cook popular traditional food from scratch with an experienced local chef. Do not miss this class if you want to savor the taste of authentic Korean food.

Source: Korea House

Make your summer in Korea extra special with this water park activity!

Are you looking for a getaway to escape from the summer heat? Visit the Camptong Island and enjoy thrilling water attractions such as tube rides, monster slides, and more! The stunning view of lake Cheongpyung is an added bonus!