Perhaps it’s your first time in Korea and you are looking for unconventional ways to visit the city? Here’s an article packed with unique, weird and fun things to do in Seoul, South Korea.

1. Poopoo Land

Poopoo Land is, as you might have guessed, an indoor poop-themed museum. The theme park offers a photo zone with stylish lightings and funny trick-eye paintings, a maze designed like the digestive system and many other activities. It’s the perfect place to have a fun afternoon and fill your phone with crazy shots!

2. Fishing Café

You’ve heard of dog and cat cafes, even sheep cafes, but if you want the nostalgia of early summer mornings with uncle Jimmy, head to a fishing cafe. The rules are simple: catch a fish (a real one, not VR), get points according to the fish weight then exchange those points for items, goodies, etc. There are several addresses in Seoul.

3. Seodaemun Prison

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Built during the Japanese occupation, Seodaemun Prison became a symbol of the perseverance of Koreans fighting for the liberation of their country. Many nationals were confined, tortured and executed within those walls, and now the museum reveals the terrible truth to visitors through recreated torture rooms and cells.

4. Roller Skating

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If you like skating but not cold temperature, why not try the best alternative to the ice rink: roller skating? Whether it is a new experience or a long forgotten hobby, you can enjoy roller skating in several places in Seoul. Roller Club in Eunpyeong is our best recommendation for a night of skating to music.

*Reference: 10 Magazine (Link)