The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a public bike-sharing service in 2015 called Seoul Bikes (“따릉이” in Korean). It was designed to be a self-operating rental service that could be used conveniently by anyone. The system was designed to resolve issues of traffic congestion, air pollution, and high oil prices in Seoul, and to build a healthier society while enhancing the quality of life for Seoul citizens. Currently there are 20,000 Seoul Bikes available to users, with plans to expand the project in the coming years. Seoul Bikes are a great way to travel distances that are a bit too far to walk, but a bit to close to bother with public transportation or a taxi. The bikes are eco-friendly, user friendly, and low-cost. Take a bike out for a spin and see a new side of Seoul.

How to Rent a Seoul Bike

1. Visit the official website for Seoul Bikes: Seoul Bikes
2. Purchase a voucher of your preference.
3. A 8-digit code will be generated; remember the code as you’ll need it to for bike rentals.
4. Register your T-money card using the 16-digit card number.
5. Purchase a rental voucher on the website. You can purchase your voucher in advance of your arrival in Korea as it’s possible to purchase rental vouchers while abroad.
6. Head to a Seoul Bike rental station! It can be easily found everywhere in Seoul, but if needed, you can use the website to see the available bikes around you.

Before purchasing a voucher, please note…

· The Seoul Bike Rental System is open for use 24 hours a day.
· The one day pass costs 1,000 won and the 7 day pass costs 3,000.
· Though bikes can be used throughout the rental period, they must be returned to the rental station (any Seoul Bike rental station) every 60 minutes. After the purchased hours, a surcharge of 200 KRW per 5 minutes will apply. No surcharge applies if the bike is returned within one hour (or two for the two -hour plan) and re-rented.

How to unlock a Seoul Bike

1. Use the terminal attached to the bike to start the rental process.
2. Select the rental number input botton and insert your 8-digit code (4 digits at a time).
3. Pull the lock bundle on the right isde of the terminal towards you within 10 seconds to unlock the bike.

When renting the bike, there’s no need to reserve the bike beforehand through the app or website. Just choose a bike on site and unlock. Then, you’re ready to go!

Riding a bike safely in Seoul

If the bike lane is not designated, bikes should be on the road with the cars not on the sidewalk for the pedestrians. As bicycles are considered as “cars” under the Road Traffic Act in Korea, take the rightmost lane if you are on a bike.