Korea is known for its efficient and fast delivery food service. You can order anything from chicken wings to rice noodles. If you’re not completely confident in your Korean speaking abilities, there are delivery apps available to erase the anxiety of ordering over the phone. This article will be a comprehensive guide about which apps to download, how to use them, and key Korean phrases to remember in case of an emergency.

Yogiyo(요기요) / 배달의 민족 / 배달통

It’s important to note that all three of these apps are completely in Korean. However, if you can read and write Hangul, these apps are best for varieties and locations. Before ordering, create an account using a valid email address. Once this is done, tap the address bar at the top of the screen to set your delivery location. All three applications have nearly identical ways of ordering.

  1. Pick Your Restaurant

You’ll be presented with a gallery of options including Chicken, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, traditional Korean, etc. Tap the icon of the restaurant you’d like to order and each will have important information including minimum delivery fees and hours of operation. You can also check customer reviews, but they’re usually written in Korean.

2. Pick Your Dish

In this example, we’ll browse from the “메뉴” (menu) of BHC Chicken and select the “후라이드 반 / 양념 반” (half fried / half seasoned chicken). Some apps like Yogiyo will have an “인기메뉴” (most popular items) section with pictures to make it easier for you to pick what to eat. When you’re done reviewing the shopping cart, tap the “주문하기” (Order) or “결제하기” (Payment).

3. Payment

You can either pay via credit card or cash. The delivery driver will bring a card reader so, there’s no need to enter credit card information on app itself. Tap the box “전체 동의” to agree to all terms and conditions and then hit “결제 하기”. Within a few minutes, you will receive a text confirming your order along with the estimated delivery time!

Note: If you live in an apartment that’s hard to locate, the delivery driver may call you to clarify directions. In that case, here are some helpful Korean phrases to remember when ordering.

주소는 ___ 구 (District) ___ 동 (Neighborhood) ___ 아파트 (Apartment/ Building Name) ___ 동(Apartment/ Building Number) ___ 호(Room Number) 입니다.

*Reference: 10 Magazine (Link)

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