The area of Hanyang University’s Seoul campus amounts to 408,786. The wide area of the school causes a lot of problems in mobility that make students exhausted even before reaching classrooms. Consequently, shortcuts called ‘Hanyang University Portals’ were made secretly, and only those who knew them used to use them in the past, but now most of the students take advantage of using them. However, it is difficult for international students and foreign exchange students to find them. Therefore, this is the introduction about Hanyang University Portals and let’s examine them one by one.

  1. Portal of Social Science building

IN: 1st floor of Social Science Building à OUT: 4th floor of the building

The easiest way to get to the summit of Hanyang Mountain is to go through College of Social Science portal. In the building, if you take the elevator from the 1st floor to the 4th floor, you can move easily to the top of the campus. College of Education and Humanities building is right outside the elevator and you can arrive there without ascending brutal slope of the hill. Also, this portal is very useful if you want to go Paiknam Library, Natural Science college and Business school. Many people are using this portal, sometimes you might have to wait in a long line. Therefore, you can also use another elevator at the front of the building which will take you to 3rd floor gate instead of 4th floor.

  1. Portal of Student Union Building

IN: 1st floor of Student Union Building à OUT: 4th floor of the building(College of Social Science)

The area of Geonganggwa Ttam (Health and Sweat) Fitness center is connected to a door near the elevator at the rear side of the college of Social Science. Thus, the portal can be used usefully when you have to move directly from the Student Union Building or hard to use the 88 stairs.

  1. Portal of the Business School & College of Economics & Finance

IN: 1st floor of the Business School à OUT: 2nd floor of the Economics & Finance building

Business school and Economics buildings are connected between B1 Hall way next to Nanuri Student cafeteria. Its advantage is that you can move conveniently without an umbrella during rainy day through underground route. If you leave Haengwon Park thorugh underground, you can easily arrive Economics building and Law library.

  1. Portal of HIT

IN: 1st floor of i-Cafe à OUT: 4th floor of the i-Café = 1st floor of HIT

If you are ascending from either Business school or Economics building you may have to go up a hill. HIT Portal will make your life easier. If you are too lazy to go up the hill, I recommend you to use this Portal. If you take the elevator from 1st floor of the i-Café and go up to 4th floor, you can reach HIT 1st floor which is in the same level of Human Ecology and Paiknam Library. This will be very useful if you take business or economics classes.

  1. Portal of Law School

IN: 1st floor of Law Building II à OUT: 4th floor of Law Building = 1st floor of Economics Building

It is the easiest way to get to 3rd Campus in which business and economics building is located as well as ITBT (Information and Biotech Building). Unless, you use this portal, you have to move a pretty long distance around the Olympic Gym. That’s the reason why many students use this portal frequently. Another advantage of this portal is that the slope is very gradual, so you don’t have to worry about getting your shirts wet.

  1. Portal of Engineering Building II

IN: 3rd floor of Engineering building II à OUT: 1st floor of Engineering Building = Track & Field

It is a method for reaching Engineering Building II directly from the Track & Field without going up stairs in the open air. Walking out of the 1st floor, you will meet the grass. But if you look carefully you can find a side road which is directly connected with a walk around the Track. You can also come out of the FABLAB on the 2nd floor and this route will take you to the Engineering Center conveniently.