There are many places on and off-campus that would be very convenient to study with free Wi-Fi connections! Even if you’re not interested in studying, you are still welcomed to enjoy some coffee or tea and relax.


  1. Paiknam Library

For those that are looking into places to study on campus, Paiknam Library could be a perfect place for you! Paiknam Library (Building #501) provides a pleasant research and learning space with other amenities. Students can reserve a room for group studies, and of course, private study rooms and printing services are also available. But don’t forget to stay quiet when asked to!

Opening Hours

Floor Room Hours
3F Study room 3, 4

Group study rooms

24 hours
1F Circulation desk

Lee Chong Hoon Lounge

Lee Soonkyu Lounge

09:00 ~ 19:00
B1F Study room 1, 2

Group study rooms

Havruta zone

24 hours

Group Study Rooms

Floor Room
3F Creative Zone 1~8 (4 seats)
1F Creative Zone 9~17 (4, 8, 19 seats)
B1F Group Study Room 1~4 (4 seats)


  • Library website > Services > Group Study Room
  • Check date and room number
  • Maximum reservation: 2 per day, 10 per month

Havruta Zone

Havruta is a Jewish learning method that focuses on the learner’s dialogue. The word derived from the Hebrew word ‘Haver,’ which means friend.

Havruta Zone (B1F) : 5 soundproof rooms for 2 people for free discussion and learning.

Please check the library website for further details.


  1. The Business School

There’s also this kind of study area on the second floor for the business school. The study zone on the second floor of the building is managed by the business school administration team and is freely available as an open space for all Hanyang University students. Discussion rooms 1 to 4 and study rooms 1 to 2 group study rooms must be visited by the administrative team to make reservation. The capacity of the discussion room use is three or fewer people, and capacity for group study room use is seven or fewer people. There are 200 regular seats and 24 study room seats. The study room is open from 7am to 12 am during the semester and is open 24 hours during the exam period.

  1. Law Building 3

Apart from the Paik Nam Library and Business school, another study area exists in the third law building 3 at Hanyang University. This study room, located on the third and fourth floors of the Economics and Finance building has an environment similar to the study room on the basement level of the Baeknam Library and is open 24/7. The people who use this area are law school students, but all the HYU students are welcome to use.

  1. The 1st Engineering Building

Moreover, there is place for studying in the 1st ngineering building. Located on the first floor of the first engineering building, the engineering library is divided into two study rooms and is also open 24 hours a day per week. And there is open place for students to rest and group discussion room for class work which is called No Young-baek Lounge. And also you can sleep at this Lounge with comfortable mat and soft pillow.


Many people may prefer having a coffee or tea while studying. Cafes are extremely popular, especially during midterms and finals week. They are usually packed with university students studying for their exams! There various cafes around Seoul and Hanyang University’s campus that you can’t miss! These usually offer free places to charge your phone and laptop along with free wifi.

A. The Space (더공간)

Seoul Sungdong-gu, Sageundong-route 6 (서울시 성동구 사근동길 6)

Open from 00 : 00 – 24 : 00

B. Withim (위딤)

Seoul Sungdong-gu Salgozi 8 route 2 (서울시 성동구 살곶이 8길 2)

C. Tom N Toms (탐앤탐스)

Seoul Sungdong-gu, Wangsipri route 229 (서울시 성동구 왕십리로 229)

Open from 00 : 00 – 24 : 00

D. Starbucks (스타벅스)

Seoul Sungdong-gu, Wangsipri route 225 (서울시 성동구 왕십리로 225)

Open from 07 : 00 – 21 : 00 (Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri)

Open from 07 : 30 – 21 : 00 (Thu, Sat, Sun)

E. JS plate (제이스 플레이트)

Seoul Sungdong-gu, Wangsipri route 219-1 (서울시 성동구 왕십리로 219-1)

Open from 07 : 00 – 21 : 00 (Weekdays)

Open from 11 : 00 – 21 : 00 (Saturaday)

Closed on Sunday

Due to Covid-19, you might also want to check out this website for the latest social distancing guidelines:

All the best for your mid terms and finals! 🙂