The Top 3 Apps to Download

It can be tough adjusting to life in a foreign country, especially when you don’t speak the local language. Living in South Korea is no exception. For your reference, we have compiled a list of the must-download apps if you plan on living in South Korea!

  • Kakao Talk Messenger (App Store/Google Play)KakaoTalk is THE messaging app in South Korea. Out of the 8 apps listed in this article, this one is arguably the most essential if you plan on staying in the country for an extended period of time.It has all the features of any other messaging app you’ve probably used so far: you can send messages, create group chats, send photos and videos, and even share your location! Guaranteed, you will use KakaoTalk on a daily basis if you live in Korea.
  • Naver Dictionary (App Store/Google Play)Google Translate can be helpful at times, but it definitely has its limits. In Korea, Naver Dictionary is likely the better alternative as it provides several translation options instead of just one that may not necessarily suit the context you have in mind.Naver Dictionary also has an audio option, which is extremely helpful for those who are trying to learn better pronunciation.
  • Air Visual Air Quality (App Store/Google Play)The fine dust in Korea is no joke, especially depending on the time of year. Air Visual Air Quality is an app that allows you to monitor the air quality in your location, so you can best adjust your commute or plans to avoid the dust as much as possible.