Location(Building #) Operating Hour
Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F

Weekdays (10:00~18:00)

Saturday (11:00~14:00)

Hanyang Plaza (105) 3F

Weekdays (10:30~18:00)

Saturday (10:00~14:00)

Student Union (107) 3F Weekdays (11:00~15:00)
College of Human Ecology (401) 7F

Weekdays (11:30~13:00)

Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building (204) 7F

Weekdays (11:30~18:30)

Haengwon Square (904) B1F Weekdays (11:30~13:00)
Name Location (Building #)
Coffea Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F
Twosome Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F
Gongcha Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F
Book café Student Union (107) 2F
Cafe Hyiu Haengwon Park (707) B1F
Cafe dream Haengwon Square (904) B1F
Cafe Q IT/BT Center (305) 3F
TIAMO Amphitheater (209) 1F
TIAMO Convenience Store (503) 1F
Pandorothy(café) Architecture Building B1

There are several convenience stores that you could use in Campus. Most of them are located in each HYU buildings. You could have fun with exploring the hidden convenience store.

Location (Building #)

Hanyang plaza(105) 1F
Haengwon Park (707) B1F
Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering Building (204) B1F
Hanyang Cyber University (703) B1F
Collage of Humanity (508) 1F
Convenience Store (503)
Hanyang University Medical Center (610) 3F

For students who have to use banking services can visit the Shinhan Bank in the Alumni Association Building.

Location (Building #)
Infront of Student Union Building (107)
Alumni Association Building (607) 3F
Engineering Building 1 (212) 3F
School of Business (706) 2F
College of Natural Sciences (507) 1F
College of Human Ecology (401) 1F
Hanyang Cyber University (703) 1F
Haengwon Park (707) B1F
Haengwon Square (904) B1F
Student Residence Hall 2 (804) 1F

Although printing is available in most PC rooms in each college building, many printing shops are also there for quicker service. T-money card is mainly used for paying copies in PC rooms but some shops require cash when the total price is lower than 1,000 KRW. Make sure to have your document on email or on your usb.

Location (Building #)

Hanyang Plaza (105) 1F

Engineering Center (206) 3F

Engineering Building 1 (212) 1F

IT/BT Center (305) 1F

Paiknam Library (501) B1F

College of Humanities Building (508) B1F

College of Medicine Lecture Hall (618) 1F

Haengwon Square (904) B1F

* Opening Hours 8:30 ~ 18:00

Hanyang University offers many student lounges in various places on the campus. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Resting Lounges are closed indefinitely until the end of COVID-19.




Operating Hour

Gym Health and Sweat (On-campus) 5th Floor, Student Union (107) Weekdays – 06:30~22:00
Saturday – 09:00~17:00
Majang People’s Sports Center In front of Hanyang University Highschool 06:00~22:00
Swimming Soong-in Sports center Sindab station exit 1 06:00~22:00

Hanyang Health Care Center, Student Union (107) 3F, is equipped with non-prescription medicine, dressing set, crutches, and wheelchair. The center is prepared to transfer patients to Hanyang Hospital in case of emergency.

Office hour: Weekdays – 10:00~17:00
(Office is closed for lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00)