Food Delivery Apps and How to Use Them

Korea is known for its efficient and fast delivery food service. You can order anything from chicken wings to rice noodles. If you’re not completely confident in your Korean speaking abilities, there are delivery apps available to erase the anxiety of ordering over the phone. This article will be a comprehensive guide about which apps to download, how to use them, and key Korean phrases to remember in case of an emergency. Yogiyo(요기요) / 배달의 민족 / 배달통 It’s important to note that all three of these apps are completely in Korean. However, if you can read and write Hangul, ... Read more >

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Survival Guide for the Non-Spicy Food Lover in Korea

Survival Guide for the Non-Spicy Food Lover in Korea Korean food is known worldwide for the rich flavor of spicy pepper and red pepper sauce. However, it could be alarming for a lot of travelers, or foreign residents, who are not big fans of the burning taste on their tongue. Frankly speaking, spicy food is unavoidable in most Korean restaurants or menus, however, it isn’t beyond help. There is a way around everything and today 10 Magazine will help you navigate around Korea’s fiery culinary path to its milder dishes. First off, let’s talk about technical terms and phrases you ... Read more >

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4 Unique Things To Do In Seoul 2020

Perhaps it’s your first time in Korea and you are looking for unconventional ways to visit the city? Here’s an article packed with unique, weird and fun things to do in Seoul, South Korea. 1. Poopoo Land Poopoo Land is, as you might have guessed, an indoor poop-themed museum. The theme park offers a photo zone with stylish lightings and funny trick-eye paintings, a maze designed like the digestive system and many other activities. It’s the perfect place to have a fun afternoon and fill your phone with crazy shots! 2. Fishing Café You’ve heard of dog and cat ... Read more >

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Expense living in Seoul

Enjoying your days in Korea and in Hanyang without predetermined budget, you may finally find yourself wondering how your savings disappeared so fast. Following table shows approximate cost of expenses near Hang Yang Univ. (Wangsimni District) Meal for 2 people (Inexpensive Restaurant) 10,000 KRW Domestic Beer (0.5L draught) 4,000 KRW One-way Ticket (Subway) 1,250 KRW Taxi Start (Basic Tariff) 3,800 KRW 1 Winter Jacket in a Chain Store (ZARA, H&M, žžž) 80,000 KRW 1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 139,000 KRW 1 Bedroom Apartment Rent Per Month 600,000 KRW One cup of Americano coffee 4,000 KRW Major shopping ... Read more >

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The Ultimate Korean Ramen Guide (Cup Noodles)

The Ultimate Korean Ramen Guide (Cup Noodles) Walking into a Korean convenience store is an extremely stimulating experience. First, there’s a relieving rush of air conditioning, the greeting of familiar universal products like Powerade and Oreos, and suddenly thousands of plastic packages covered in Hangeul lettering and cutesy cartoon animal characters. To grab a quick lunch, one might be overwhelmed by the rows and rows of various flavored ramen on the shelves. With so many flavors of ramen, it can be difficult to navigate the differences between them. Use this “The Ultimate Korean Ramen Guide” to navigate the ramen madness and ... Read more >

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How to Navigate Your Way through Seoul

How to navigate your way through Seoul Going to a new city is difficult enough without the added stress of figuring out how to navigate your way through the city’s terrain. There are five main ways to get around Seoul: bus, subway, taxi, and biking. Hopefully, this article will give you an idea of what those four ways look like in Seoul, South Korea. Subway Korea (App store/Google Play) Luckily, Seoul has one of the best metro systems in the world. The subway system in Korea is very easy to navigate, and the Subway Korea app makes things even easier. ... Read more >

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Garbage Guide in Korea

If you just landed in Korea and are planning to stay for a while, you might have noticed that garbage disposal in South Korea works a little differently than it does in other countries. But no worries! This article will help you understand everything you need to know about garbage disposal and recycling in Korea. Garbage Bags There are various types of garbage bags in South Korea. One important matter to remember is that each district has its own official garbage bag so you will have to use the one that is exclusive to the neighborhood you live in. (i.e. ... Read more >

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Places to study at HYU

PLACES TO STUDY AT HYU There are many places on and off-campus that would be very convenient to study with free Wi-Fi connections! Even if you’re not interested in studying, you are still welcomed to enjoy some coffee or tea and relax. ON-CAMPUS STUDY AREAS Paiknam Library For those that are looking into places to study on campus, Paiknam Library could be a perfect place for you! Paiknam Library (Building #501) provides a pleasant research and learning space with other amenities. Students can reserve a room for group studies, and of course, private study rooms and printing services are also ... Read more >

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Hanyang University Shortcut (a.k.a Portal)

The area of Hanyang University’s Seoul campus amounts to 408,786. The wide area of the school causes a lot of problems in mobility that make students exhausted even before reaching classrooms. Consequently, shortcuts called ‘Hanyang University Portals’ were made secretly, and only those who knew them used to use them in the past, but now most of the students take advantage of using them. However, it is difficult for international students and foreign exchange students to find them. Therefore, this is the introduction about Hanyang University Portals and let’s examine them one by one. Portal of Social Science building ... Read more >

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How to get a Korean SIM card

HOW TO GET KOREAN SIM CARD Visitors or foreigners coming to Korea which are purchase online prior to the arrival and pick up at the airport, or getting the SIM card from the airport telecom company service desk or airport convenience stores after arrival. BEFORE BUYING A SIM CARD Make sure your phone is unlocked. If the device you are willing to use is restricted to specific telecom company or specific country, you cannot use the device with Korean local SIM You unlock your phone by calling your cell carrier. They will unlock it for you as long as ... Read more >

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