• Only students who are fully admitted to the program can register the courses.
  • Course registration is on first-come and first-served basis.
  • Course registration starts in April before the program admission close in May, so it is recommended to complete the program admission in advance to participate in the course registration from the beginning to secure the spots for desired courses.
  • Each class will be held every day from Tuesday to Friday (4 days a week)
  • Students can choose up to three (3) courses among Morning, Afternoon and Evening class.

Registration Schedule

Before program begins

Course Registration Period Notes
1st Add and Drop  April 22, 2024 (KST 13:00) – April 24, 2024 (KST 23:59) Online System (HY-in Portal)
2nd Add and Drop  May 28, 2024 (KST 13:00) –  May 31, 2024 (KST 23:59) Online System (HY-in Portal)

After program begins

Course registration Period Notes
Final Add and Drop  July 2, 2024 (KST 19:00)- July 2, 2024 (KST 24:00) Online System (HY-in Portal)

Registration Procedure

Course registration is available only during the designated period as above

  1. Check our Course List and Syllabus to find desire courses
  2. Complete our Program Admission to receive a Hanyang student ID number and password
  3. Login to the HY-in Portal Course Registration page with above login information
  4. Register courses via above system within the designated period above