Course Field of study Code Number Schedule Professor Syllabus
Revolutions in Science and Technology Engineering, Natural science, Online course TBA Download
Ceramic Practice Art ISS1132 18078 Evening Hyemi Lee Download
Korean Pop Dance Sport ISS1114 18078 Evening Download
Korean Pop Dance Sport ISS1114 18076 Afternoon Download
Introductory Korean (Level 2) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9002 18063 Evening Download
Introductory Korean (Level 2) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9002 18062 Evening Download
Korean Pop Dance Sport ISS1114 18064 Morning Download
Introductory Korean (Level 1) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9001 18061 Evening Download
Introductory Korean (Level 1) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9001 18060 Evening Download
Introductory Korean (Level 1) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9001 18058 Evening Download
Introductory Korean (Level 1) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9001 18059 Evening Download
Principles of Microeconomics Business, Economics, Online course ECO1006 18075 Morning, Afternoon, Evening Sunyoung Lee Download
Modern Society and Marketing Communication, Social science, Online course VEN1001 18056 Morning, Afternoon, Evening Sunyoung Lee Download
Pilates Sport DAN1037 18009 Evening Minkyung Hwang Download
Korea and Japan in the World Communication, International Studies ISS1199 18053 Afternoon Ji Young Kim Download
Tennis Sport CUL4034 18002 Evening Jong-Hee Kim Download
Pilates Sport DAN1037 18008 Afternoon JUNG KYOUNGHWA Download
Multimedia Marketing and Content Design Business, Communication, Media ISS1195 18050 Afternoon Matthew John Clement Download
Mobile App Programming Design, Engineering, Media ITC3010 18036 Morning Moonho Tak Download
Korean Language and Creative Dance Workshop Art, Korean language, Sport ISS1200 18054 Morning Hwang, Kyu-ja Download
Korean Food & Culture Korean studies ISS1134 18022 Afternoon Seonhee Chae Download
Health, Environment, Lifestyle and Preserve earth(HELP) Communication, Humanities, Public health ISS1196 18051 Afternoon Hye-Jin Hawkes Download
Exploring Pop Music Art ISS1190 18046 Morning Yuri Yu Download
East Asian Languages and Cultures Communication, International Studies ISS1187 18035 Morning EOM IK SANG Download
Dance Sport Sport CUL3016 18074 Morning Hyunjin Kim Download
Capturing the Essence of Outliers: Exploring the Minds of Innovative Leaders Communication CUL6100 18006 Morning Stacey Eu Jung Choi Download
Behavioral Insights for International Business Business, International Studies ISS1169 18027 Morning Seungho Choi Download
Badminton Sport CUL5036 18004 Evening Lee Seob Maeng Download
Understanding a Visual Language in Media Media ISS1004 18016 Afternoon Changhee CHUN Download
Seminar Media Industry in Korea Art, Korean studies, Media ISS1006 18017 Morning Changhee CHUN Download
Brand Workshop Business, Design ISS1159 18023 Morning Sunook Park Download
Mobile Storytelling and Social Media Media, Social science ISS1201 18055 Evening Changhee CHUN Download
Marketing for Engineers Business, Engineering ISS1198 18052 Afternoon IKSUK KIM Download
Exploring Korean Entertainment Business Business, Economics ISS1174 18028 Evening IKSUK KIM Download
Sustainable Development and Gender Communication, Humanities INV2011 18014 Morning Yun Jeong Kim Download
Strategic Management Business, Economics BUS4019 18070 Morning Joohan Ryoo Download
Reading in Science Fiction Media CUL6102 18007 Afternoon Luke Oliver Henry Allum Download
Introduction to Marketing Business, Economics APS2009 18065 Morning Taeshik Gong Download
Korean Traditional Sogo Dance Art, Korean studies, Sport ISS1193 18049 Morning Yeonsoo seo Download
Introductory Korean (Level 1) Korean language, Korean studies GEN9001 18057 Evening Download
Managerial Accounting-Decision-Making Perspective Business ISS1186 18034 Afternoon Minwoo Lee Download
Weight Training Sport CUL6056 18005 Morning Cho a ra Download
Table Tennis Sport CUL4036 18003 Evening Nam Gung Young Ho Download
International Business Business BUS3009 18068 Afternoon Taewoo Roh Download
Korean Traditional Fan Dance Art, Sport ISS1058 18019 Afternoon Kyeonga Shin Download
Creative Computing for Engineering student(Python) Engineering GEN1031 18012 Evening Hosung Jo Download
Screen English Business, Communication, Media CUL3036 18001 Afternoon Oronzo Antonio Venturoso Download
AI Basics Business, Engineering ISS1164 18025 Morning Hyoung-Goo Kang Download
Korean Beauty and Makeup Art, Design, Korean studies ISS1087 18020 Evening Lee Min Hee Download
Studies of Korean Society Korean studies, Social science SOC4015 18045 Afternoon Seong-Won Yun Download
AI Ethics and Society Social science DIS4029 18011 Morning John McGuire Download
Numerical Analysis Mathematics MAT3008 18038 Afternoon Jun Moon Download
Advertising & Promotion Business, Communication ISS1191 18047 Morning SeulLee Download
Korean Grammatical Structure Korean language KOR2049 18037 Morning Kim IL KON Download
Investments in advanced economies Business ISS1183 18032 Morning Youngsoo Kim Download
Interactive Media Performance Communication, Media ISS1192 18048 Morning Jeongseob Lee Download
International Relations in East Asia International Studies PSD2022 18044 Evening Youen Kim Download
International Relations International Studies DIS2005 18010 Morning Lyong Choi Download
Global Entrepreneurship-Launch your startup Business, International Studies CUL0135 18073 Morning Tae Jun Bae Download
Global Business Communication Business, Communication PER2033 18041 Morning Tory Stephen Thorkelson Download
Engineering Mathematics 2 Engineering, Mathematics COE3052 18072 Morning Hongyun So Download
Engineering Mathematics 1 Engineering, Mathematics COE3051 18071 Morning Wei WANG Download
Digital Design Studio Design, Media ARE5001 18067 Evening TAMMY KO ROBINSON Download
Financial Management and Decision-Making Business ISS1180 18031 Morning Minwoo Lee Download
Cross Cultural Documentary and Research Production in Korea Communication, Media ISS1003 18015 Afternoon Bradley Rappa Download
Beginning Korean Language with K-Culture Korean language, Korean studies ISS1178 18029 Morning Meejeong Song Download
Computer Networks Engineering ISS1165 18026 Afternoon Nyoman Karna Download
Intermediate Korean Language with K-Culture Korean language, Korean studies ISS1179 18030 Afternoon Meejeong Song Download
Microprocessor and IoT Engineering ISS1125 18021 Evening Nyoman Karna Download
Heat Transfer Engineering MEE4001 18039 Afternoon Hongyun So Download
Korean Cinema and Modernization Korean language, Korean studies PER2035 18042 Evening David Andrew Tizzard Download
Korean Society and Culture Korean language, Korean studies PER2021 18040 Morning David Andrew Tizzard Download
Korean Wave and Korean Popular Culture Korean language, Korean studies PER2037 18043 Afternoon David Andrew Tizzard Download
Environmental Issues in Korean & North American Cinema Media ISS1157 18024 Morning Bradley Rappa Download
Project management Business, Economics, Engineering APS4008 18066 Afternoon Chang Wook Kang Download
Financial Management in advanced economies Business, Economics ISS1184 18033 Afternoon Youngsoo Kim Download
Art of Self Defense (Taekwondo) Sport ISS1017 18018 Evening Mankeun Kim Download
Consumer Behavior Business, Economics BUS3014 18069 Afternoon Kim Marnin Download
Calculus 1 Mathematics GEN2052 18013 Morning YangShen Download