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Title Business Communication
Field of Study Business
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Type Academic course
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Credits 3
Contact hours 45
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We live in an era characterized by globalization. With the changes in technology, the ability of people to interact, relocate, meet or conduct business with those from a different culture has increased. Thus, many companies seek employees with intercultural business skills that are able to communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds. With this in mind, this course in intercultural business communication was developed to help students gain knowledge and competencies in intercultural communication to manage the key challenges of intercultural interaction both at home and abroad. This course is also designed to help students develop strategies and skills needed to successfully interact in different contexts and with different people while doing business.


This course was developed with the following objectives in mind:

1. To gain an understanding of the major concepts, theories and issues pertaining to communicating with people from different cultures.

2. To develop the ability to apply these theories and perspectives into business and everyday interactions.

3. To develop a higher sensitivity to cultural differences and learn when and why communicative misunderstandings occur and how to overcome them.

4. To become more aware of one’s own culture and communication styles and how they differ from that of other cultures.

5. To develop career related competencies in the area of communication. These include:
a. Writing skills
b. Listening skills
c. Verbal presentation skills
d. Teamwork skills
e. Research Skills


Text Book: Cardon, P. (2018). Business Communication. New York, NY : McGraw-Hill.
Additional Materials : Access to McGraw Hill Connect

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