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Title Calculus 2
Field of Study Mathematics
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code GEN2053
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This course is the sequel of Calculus I. This course presents the more advanced part of Calculus and analytic geometry which include vector equations (dot and cross product, lines, and planes), curvatures of space curves, functions of several variables and their continuity and limits, partial derivatives, double integrals, vector fields, line integrals, and Green’s theorem.


As a continuation of Calculus I, the aim of this course is to make students familiar with the more advanced techniques to study their major subjects in natural sciences, engineering, economics, etc. Acquiring the materials such as partial derivatives, line integrals covered in Calculus II will enable them to take logical and mathematical approaches for solving various problems occurred in their respective areas.


Textbook: Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th Edition By James Stewart.

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