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Title Macroeconomics
Field of Study Economics
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code PPL3012
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This is a course in intermediate Macroeconomics. Macroeconomics is a relatively new field of economics. (Macro issues were always a part of economic inquiry but macroeconomics as a separate field was born in the 40’s with the advent of the so called ‘Keynesian Revolution’. Along with Microeconomics, it is arguably the most fundamental (and important) undergraduate course in economics. It does not just prepare one for further studies in economics, but it is the foundation for all the main (macro) economic policy allows issues.


The course’s learning objectives; what a student after successfully completing the course should be able to do are as follows:

1. Understand the basic rules of national income accounting and be able to appreciate their significance
2. Be able to appreciate the differences between the two fundamental strands in macroeconomics; i.e., New Classical Economics and New Keynesian Economics
3. Be able to appreciate different policy implications of different schools of thought in macroeconomics


Required Textbook: Ab el, A. B., Bernanke, B. & Croushore, D . (2016) Macroeconomics. Pearson
Prerequisite: Introduction to Economics

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