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Title Macroeconomics (2019)
Field of Study Economics
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code PPL3012
Course number

This course begins with an overview of fundamental economic concepts such as scarcity and opportunity costs followed by detailed discussions on scope and methodology of macroeconomics as a social science, i.e., the measurement of national income, the theory of national income determination, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policy, and international economics.

Objective This course has two main objectives. First, it is designed to acquaint students with the body of knowledge in Macroeconomics. Second, it is designed to train students in the application of economic principles. Students are expected to understand basic economic theory and be able to relate it to “real world” problems.
Preparations TEXTBOOK: Parkin, Michael, Macroeconomics, 13th ed. Pearson Education, 2018 ATTENDANCE POLICY: Attendance at every class is strongly recommended. To receive credit for this course, you can have no more absences than allowed by the academic policy. Aside from the requirement, attendance counts towards your final grade, and any unexcused absences will adversely affect your course grade. Make up exams will be granted only for unexpected, unavoidable events that are evidenced by documented proof. I have three additional and very important requests: 1) It is absolutely essential that you read the assigned chapters thoroughly before coming to each class. Topics in this course are fairly technical in nature, and rather complex in many cases. If you come to class unprepared, you may have severe difficulty grasping the concepts. Preview is more important than the review in this course. 2)Be on time and do not leave until the class is dismissed. Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive to the instructor and to your fellow students. If you must leave early for any reason, give me the reason and ask my permission, in advance whenever possible. 3) Refrain from texting, and avoid private conversations during class. Understanding the concepts in this course requires students to be fully focused. It is a hard course to learn, and a stressful course to teach. A successful class is possible only when students are ready and eager to learn.
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Final exam
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