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Title Money and Banking
Field of Study Economics
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Type Academic course
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Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code ECO3003
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When you suddenly received 100 Million dollars endowment from your family member, what would you do? Can you secure the value of the money by storing it in your back year? If you answer yes, why so? If you are answer is no, then why? Can you explain your answer using the terminology ‘Time Value of Money’? Or, when a firm needs investment in order to expand the business, what should the firm do? Is there difference to collect investors during in middle age, early 1900’s, and 21 Century? Can you explain in term of the role of the financial institution? Further, these days, the traditional role of financial institution has been weakened and various types of financial assets have been developed (stocks, bonds, derivatives, cryptocurrency, … etc). Therefore, in this class, student will learn, the function of money, role of interest rates, government policy that impacts on money market, and role of financial institution focus on domestic financial market and economy. If time allows, this course will cover various types of financial assets.


By the end of the course, student will be able to explain the function of money, behavior of interest rates, impact of government monetary policy on financial markets and economy, and role financial institution.


The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets by Frederic S. Mishkin (12th Edu., Pearson)

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