Art of Self Defense – Taekwondo

Course Details

Title Art of Self Defense (Taekwondo)
Field of Study Sport
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Credits 1
Contact hours 15
Schedule Evening
Course code ISS1017
Course number 18018
Description Etiquette classes, practiced taekwondo to an upright character formation and training worthy of a human being, for a walk through the mind and body through physical activity through the introspection to martial arts sport.   The course Schedule for this class is different from the schedule shown. There will be 10 classes with 1.5 hr each. The exact schedule will be informed later on.
Objective Practiced taekwondo to physical health promotion and defense capabilities, culture and motor functions will improve and correct formation of character and social development and mentality.
Preparations Taekwondo Do bok (uniform) shall be bought(KRW 30,000) or rented(KRW 15,000) in orientation   Students who want to rent Taekwondo Do bok(Uniform) have to pay a deposit of KRW 30,000 and will be paid back KRW 15,000 when returning the Do bok.
Materials Art of Self Defense (Taekwondo)_Mankeun Kim
Lesson Plan
Last Updated April 24, 2024
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