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Title Data Structures & Algorithms
Field of Study Engineering
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Afternoon
Course code ITE2026
Course number 18061
Description Data structures are essential elements for solving complex real problems using computers. In this subject, specific implementations are learned with examples of various data structures written in Python or Java, an object-oriented language. In a situation where there is a basic object-oriented programming concept, abstract data format, stack, queue, heap, graph, search and alignment, etc. Learn how these data structures are applied to the architecture of learning and complex big data systems.
• Understand the genesis of Big Data Systems • Understand practical knowledge of Big Data Analysis, Text Processing, Sentiment Analysis using Hive • Provide the student with a detailed understanding of effective behavioral and technical techniques in Cloud Computing on Big Data • Demonstrate knowledge of Big Data in industry and its Architecture • Learn data analysis, modeling and visualization in Big Data systems
a.             Mastery over MS-Windows File Management (Windows Explorer) facilities. b.             Students are expected to attend every class session. Since Cloud computing and Big Data concepts are presented during class time, class attendance is essential for successful completion of assignments and tests. c.             As a large part of the course involves work on cloud computing, it is essential that you utilize the time in class for discussion and exercises on the computer. If attendance is not possible for one of the class meetings, please contact the instructor beforehand. d.             Students are expected to use the equipment of the computer labs on campus if you do not have a personal computer nor internet.
1. Instructional materials (Lecture and Lab) from the instructor 2. Python Tutorial, 3. Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms With Python, 4. Data Structures and Algorithms in Python 1st Edition, ISBN-13: 978-1118290279 by Roberto Tamassia (Author), Michael H. Goldwasser (Author), Michael T. Goodrich
Materials Data Structure & Algorithm_Jongwook Woo
Lesson Plan
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