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Title Introducing Psychology
Field of Study Social science
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code PAD1055
Course number

This course introduces students to the concepts, methods, and principles of the scientific study of human psychology. It provides an overview of the biological, cognitive, emotional, and social bases of thought and behavior, the development of fundamental psychological processes, and the nature and treatment of psychological disorders. The course is intended to familiarize students with the most prominent theories and theorists, methodologies, and empirical findings in the field of psychological science. Historical and current research will be discussed. This course will also attempt to enhance the ability of students to think clearly and critically about psychological issues, but does not attempt to teach students how to do psychological therapy.

Week 1 
The process of method of thinking Critically
 Biology of the mind- Neuroscience of the mind
 Consciousness and Sleep behavior
Week 2
Nature, versus Nurture in human development
 Developing through the lifespan
 Sensation and Perception
Week 3
 How we Learn and methods for improving learning
 Memory: Short term memory, Long term memory and problems with memory
 Thinking and Language
Week 4
 Cognition & Emotion
 The variable types of Intelligence
 Motivation

Objective - Recognize and explain the scientific method and evaluate scientific information - Discriminate between reliable and less reliable information in your decision-making - Understand that behavior, thoughts, and emotions are shaped by heredity,immediate environment, and culture. - Understand that people’s experience of the world is subjective.
Preparations Textbook – Psychology, 10th (10e) Edition by David Myers The instructor will provide all course materials in advance.
Midterm exam
Final exam
Last Updated February 24, 2020