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Title Consumer Behavior
Field of Study Business
Professor Kim Marn In (mi719go@naver.com)
Type Academic course
Delivery Type Hybrid Track (2 weeks online + 2 weeks offline): Real-time
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Morning
Course code BUS3014
Course number 18048

Consumer behavior is the mental and physical activities performed by individual or group/ organization that leads making decisions to pay for and purchase a certain product and/or service for desire fulfillment. All the class participants are to understand the basic concept of consumer behavior and to experience various cases applied to the corporate strategy as a part of marketing research

  • Understand the environmental change at present that affects consumer behavior.
  • Learn the basic concept of consumer behavior through class participation.
  • Learn how to analyze cases related to consumer behavior of marketing research.
  • Explore problems concerned consumer behavior for both sides of corporate organizations and consumers in market.
  • Create ideas concerning consumer behavior to achieve corporate goals by participating in team project.

Should be able to write and understand texts in English.


Textbook- Kardes/Cronley/Cline, Consumer Behavior, 2nd Ed. Cengage Learning, 2015

(ISBN: 9781133587675

Lecture materials are uploaded in advance

Group Project
Lesson Plan
Class 1: Environmental Change (4th Industrial Revolution) Chapter1. Understanding Consumer Behavior & Consumer Research
Class 2: Chapter 2. Consumer Focused Strategy: Segmentation & Positioning / Chapter 3. Branding Strategy & Consumer Behavior
Class 3: Chapter 4. Consumer Perception / Chapter 5. Learning & Memory / Chapter 6. Automatic Information Processing
Class 4: Chapter 7. Motivation& Emotion Chapter / 8. Attitude & Judgement Formation Change
Class 5: Chapter 9. The Customer Decision Making Process / Chapter 10. Product Consideration Evaluation & Choice (T.B.C)
Class 6: Chapter 11. Behavioral Decision Theory
Class 7: Mid-term
Class 8: Team Project Proposal
Class 9: Chapter 12. Self-Concept & Personality Chapter / 13. Social Influence & Behavioral Compliance
Class 10: Chapter 14. The Influence of Culture & Values / Chapter 15. The Influence of Demography
Class 11: Chapter 16. Contemporary Strategies in Reaching Consumers
Class 12: Chapter 17. Engaging Consumers through Online Marketing
Class 13: Team Project (Team I, Team II PT.)
Class 14: Team Project (Team III, Team IV PT.)
Class 15: Final Exam (essay type)
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