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Title Engineer and Society
Field of Study Engineering
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code ISS1041
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This course will enable students to gain a deeper understanding of the ethical issues and dilemmas that arise in professional engineering conduct and their responsibility to society. Students will examine the societal grand challenges of water, food, and energy (electricity and heat) to thread together the themes of environment, sustainability and ethics. Students will explore potential solutions and will be challenged to consider the difficulties of balancing the beneficial effects of the solution with the negative effects on people and/or the environment. The Professor will share his extensive experience in research and development of a US patent technology (US9040007B2), leading to commercial air purifiers, and his stateof-the-art technology in energy storage, leading to some China patents and start-up awards.
The course will provides students with a versatile framework for evaluating and developing innovative and sustainable business models, invaluable for potential entrepreneurs

Week 1
Day 1 Introduction to profession and professional engineers
Day 2 Roles and responsibilities of engineers in society
Day 3 Understand the challenges facing the engineers in society
Day 4 Environmental sustainability

Week 2
Day 1
Introduction to Engineering bodies for application of Chartered Engineer (IMechE,
Energy Institute, IEEE, Institution of Engineers Singapore, etc)
Day 2 Develop environmentally sustainable solutions to engineering challenges
Day 3 Generate creative solutions to problems
Day 4 Midterm

Week 3
Day 1 R&D, innovations, intellectual property
Day 2 Make decisions involving complex and competing ethical issues
Day 3 Experience sharing: commercial artificial wetland system at Hong Kong
Day 4 Experience sharing: commercial air purifiers

Week 4
Day 1 How to write good business proposals and deliver presentations with impact
Day 2 Innovative business models and entrepreneurship
Day 3 Final exam
Day 4 Case study: from R&D to start-up


(1) Develop an understanding of sustainable engineering and its impact upon society
(2) Understand the moral and ethical issues faced by engineers through short illustrative
cases and in-class debates
(3) Cultivate effective communication skills required of engineers
(4) Learn to work in a team environment
(5) Develop innovative and sustainable business models for Startup competition


Course materials will be provided by the Professor

Materials HISS Syllabus Engineer and society Oscar HUI
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