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Title English Academic Writing for Engineers
Field of Study Communication, Engineering
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code FUT3006
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This course is aimed at upper year engineering students to increase familiarity with research article format and content, develop research skills, and give exposure to and instruction in writing elements of research articles.
Through the process of refining ideas for possible research in students’ fields, as well as approaches to analyzing, compiling and synthesizing research using matrices, students will identify a suitable research question, and write and present the Introduction & Literature Review sections for possible research projects.
Students will be engaged in an individual OR collaborative project to define their own research directions, collect and assess current research, and write the initial sections of a possible research paper. Instruction will include how to approach selecting and assessing research articles, organizing ideas and synthesizing information, and introduce frameworks and writing skills for writing the introductory sections to research reports., including effective source use and citations.


Through the process of the individual/collaborative project, students will engage in:
• Planning research, identifying suitable research topics and questions, and incorporating this research into formal written and spoken communication expected in engineering fields
• Writing and present a Summary of a research article;
• Compiling a Synthesis Matrix to categorize their research, identify key ideas, and using this to support and justify their research question;

• Writing the Introduction/Literature Review section of an academic paper in an engineering field to introduce and support their research question
• Delivering an effective persuasive presentation of their Introduction, explaining their propose


This course is aimed at upper-year engineering students with exposure to and/or knowledge of specific areas of their fields in order to research specific areas of their disciplines for suitable research topics and questions.

Materials: No required textbook.
All supplements will be provided (online access through class LMS).
Recommended textbooks (TBA)

Group Project
Lesson Plan
Class 1: Research Skills: Reading Research Articles: Finding key information Example articles: highlighting main ideas (Working groups) Research Topic: BRAINSTORMING & CUBING: defining research topic/question
Class 2: Research Skills: Identifying Research Question & Thesis (Example Articles – Working groups); Note-taking & Research Article Summaries Research Topic: CUBING: Developing Preliminary Thesis + Discussion (Working groups)
Class 3: Research Skills: Assignment 1 - Article Summary/Presenting Data Research Topic: Research Topic/Question Discussion (Peer Review groups – Cubing Summary & Research)
Class 4: Research Skills: Evaluating research - CRAAP test; Note-taking (multiple sources) – identifying, comparing & organizing key findings from individual articles; Research Topic: Continue research for topic
Class 5: Research Skills: Synthesis Matrix (Introduction) – identifying key concepts/categorizing research; assembling a synthesis matrix Research Topic: Continue research for topic
Class 6: Research Skills: Synthesis Matrix & Outlining a Literature Review – using key concepts from synthesis matrix to support research topic/question Research Topic: Continue research for topic/Prepare Synthesis Matrix
Class 7: Assignment 2 – Synthesis Matrix (Peer Review groups) due
Class 8: Research Skills: Literature Reviews (Organization & Format) – example article; Citing information from sources: Reporting/Paraphrasing/Summarizing; CITATIONS – IEEE Format Research Topic: Continue drafting Literature Review
Class 9: Research Skills: Synthesis Matrix & Outlining a Literature Review (2) - using key concepts from synthesis matrix to “map” literature review Research Topic: Continue drafting Literature Review
Class 10: Research Skills: Example research article Introductions; CaRs model to structuring an Introduction Research Topic: Continue drafting Introduction/Literature Review
Class 11: Assignment 3 - Introduction & Literature Review (Peer review groups); Final Draft due
Class 12: Final Presentations preparation – Final Presentations preparation – Working groupsWorking groups
Class 13: Final Presentations preparation (continued) – Peer review groups
Class 14: Final Presentations (1) & Course Portfolio
Class 15: Final Presentations (2) & Course Portfolio/Wrap-up
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