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Title Heat Transfer
Field of Study Engineering
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code MEE4001
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The transport mechanisms of heat can be classified as conduction, convection, radiation and combination of these. With the concept on transport mechanisms of heat, the method of setting-up energy balance equation for given engineering systems and the mathematical solution of each energy balance equation would be studied. The applications of energy balance equations to the design of heat transfer equipment would also be studied. This course is designed mainly for mechanical engineering major students.


a) to cover the basic principles of heat transfer
b) to present a wealth of real-world engineering applications to give students a feel for engineering practice
c) to develop an intuitive understanding of the subject matter by emphasizing the physics and physical arguments


Prerequisite courses are Fluid Dynamics, and Thermodynamics

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