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Title Integrated Marketing Communications
Field of Study Business, Communication
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Evening
Course code ISS1120
Course number 18116
Description We will learn how and why integrated marketing communications add value to achieving marketing goals of satisfying consumer needs and building long-term relationships and developing brand equity. We will cover specifically components within the promotional mix with a special focus on new and developing methods such as: events and experiential marketing, sponsorships, alternative marketing (buzz marketing, guerrilla marketing, product placements, branded entertainment, lifestyle marketing, and brand communities), and shopper marketing.
Objective • Students will gain an understanding of important concepts in integrated marketing communications • Students will gain an ability to recognize and critically analyze how firms in the real world employ creative solutions in their marketing program to solve marketing problems
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Materials Integrated Marketing Communications_Nikki Wingate
Lesson Plan
Last Updated April 15, 2022
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