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Title Introduction to Sociology
Field of Study Social science
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code SOC1054
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This course introduces students to issues facing modern societies around the world. The course opens with an overview of classic and modern sociological theory. The second part of the course is focused on the study of how societies are organized, and includes topics like the role of race and gender. The third part of the course is focused on various global aspects of social change, like globalization, revolutions, and social movements. Throughout the course, we will also be comparing South Korea with other countries.
There are four main avenues of learning in this course: readings, lectures, discussion and writing activities. The readings provide a comprehensive overview of terms and basic information on the areas of macrosociology we will study. The lectures are designed not only to review the reading material, but also to provide enrichment beyond it. Discussions and writing are designed to help students internalize the course material through participation (activities) and verbalization (focused class discussion).


This course is designed to introduce the students to key sociological concepts and is designed to improve critical thinking as well as writing and conversation skills in English.


Should be able to write and understand texts in English.


All texts will be provided via online sources.

Lesson Plan
Class 1: Basics of research. And methodology
Class 2: Definition vs Operationalization. Sociological Imagination and Career. Sociology vs Other Disciplines and Subfields of Sociology. History of Sociology.
Class 3: The Scientific Method. Theoretical Perspectives.
Class 4: Culture
Class 5: Religion
Class 6: Economy
Class 7: Midterm exam
Class 8: Politics and government.
Class 9: Socialization, Social Control and Forces of Social Disorder
Class 10: Social structure.
Class 11: Social interaction and Goffman's dramaturgical theory
Class 12: Class stratification, inequality and poverty
Class 13: Gender inequality
Class 14: Race and ethnicity
Class 15: Final Exam
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