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Title Investments
Field of Study Economics
Professor Youngsoo Kim (youngsoo.kim@uregina.ca)
Type Academic course
Delivery Type Online Track (100% online course): Pre-recorded
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule N/A Recorded
Course code ISS1091
Course number 18009

This course aims to help students in understanding the followings: The role and operation of financial markets; Modern Portfolio Theory; Asset Pricing Models; Portfolio management strategies; Methods for analyzing various securities and Derivatives.


The main objective of this course is to introduce students to fundamental concepts related to investments in various financial markets such as equities, bonds, and derivative markets.


Basic knowledge in statistics, Excel and introductory finance is recommended.

Materials: Investments, 9th Canadian Edition, Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane, Alan J. Marcus, Lorne Switzer, Maureen Stapleton, Dana Boyko, Christine Panasian, 2019, MaGraw-Hill Ryerson.

Lesson Plan
Class 1: Ch 2 Financial markets and instruments
Class 2: Ch 3 Trading on securities markets
Class 3: Ch 4 Return and risk: Analyzing the historical record
Class 4: Ch 5 Capital allocation to risky assets
Class 5: Ch 6 Optimal risky portfolios
Class 6: Ch 7 Equilibrium in capital markets
Class 7: Midterm exam
Class 8: Ch 8 Index models and the arbitrage pricing theory
Class 9: Ch 9 Market efficiency
Class 10: Ch 12 Bond prices and yields
Class 11: Ch 14 Managing bond portfolios
Class 12: Ch 18 Options and other derivative markets: Introduction
Class 13: Ch 19 Options and other derivative markets: Part 1
Class 14: Ch 19 Options and other derivative markets: Part 2
Class 15: Final Exam
Last Updated April 16, 2021
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