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Title Korean Beauty and Make-up
Field of Study Korean studies
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 1
Contact hours 15
Course code ISS1087
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A course about general information about advanced Korean skin care and make
up. This
course focuses on practices about basic skin care, daily make up, and point make up for
expressing oneself on a special day.


Practical course on basic skin care, daily make
up, trend make up, and character make up.


The lecturer will be making and distributing the necessary items
cosmetics, make up tools, maga zine. etc

Lesson Plan
Class 1: 1 : Basic skin care and base make up drawing eyebrows ), cleansing - Skin care for soft skin with well expressed make up , elegant and neat base makeup, eyebrow expression for better impression, and cleansing for each skin type
Class 2: 2 : Seasonal daily make up - S uggestion of color and pattern for spring, summer, fall, and winter season. Make up practice based on each stude nt’s preference.
Class 3: 3 : Latest trend make up Make up for popular actors and idols - Make up practice for recently popular celebrities by referring to magazine and Internet.
Class 4: 4 : Party make up Smoky make up, sexy make up - M ake up practice fo r special make up for a special day such as club or party.
Class 5: 5 : Character make up - S uggestion of character such as Marylin Monroe, leopard, Korean dance, and ballet.
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Class 7:  
Class 8:  
Class 9:  
Class 10:  
Class 11:  
Class 12:  
Class 13:  
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Class 15:  
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