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Title Korean History and Culture
Field of Study International Studies, Korean studies
Professor David Andrew Tizzard (superfuntimehappysnack@gmail.com)
Type Academic course
Delivery Type Hybrid Track (2 weeks online + 2 weeks offline): Real-timeReal-time
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Morning
Course code DIS2046
Course number 18046

Korea is a well-told story. But who tells the story and what narrative is produced still remains a source of much controversy. This course examines the path of Korean history, how it has been produced, and towards what particular goals.


The course is designed to achieve the following fundamental objectives:

1.     Provide students with a strong understanding of what history is

2.     Familiarize students with key events in Korean history

3.     Develop critical thinking and analysis


Students are not required to have a great deal of knowledge before starting the class. Providing they have an open-mind and a desire to learn, they will be ready to begin. Of course, an interest in culture and sociology will be of some benefit.

Materials: All materials will be supplied by the professor. They will be a combination of academic articles, newspaper articles, documentaries, and YouTube videos.

Lesson Plan
Class 1: What is History? Chapter 1 of What is History? by E.H. Carr
Class 2: History as a Moral Narrative Chapter 3 of What is History? by E.H. Carr
Class 3: Before Modernity A study of Korean history during the Goryeo and Silla Dynasties
Class 4: The Arrival of Confucianism A study of the Joseon Dynasty and its cultural effects
Class 5: Imperialism and Colonialism in Northeast Asia The arrival of western powers and Japan’s growing hegemony
Class 6: 1919 Independence Movement Korea’s battle for political independence
Class 7: Midterm Exam
Class 8: Ethno-nationalism and the Creation of Myth How Korean heroes and tales were told
Class 9: The Park Chung-hee Era Economic development or human rights?
Class 10: The Gwangju Uprising The battle for democracy against military rule
Class 11: The Arrival of Democracy From Kim Dae-jung onwards
Class 12: North Korea and the Bomb Inter-Korean relations
Class 13: 21st Century Korea Modernity and freedom or continued oppression?
Class 14: Student Presentations
Class 15: Final exam
Last Updated April 15, 2021
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