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Title Korean Language 1 (Basic)
Field of Study Korean language
Professor Meejeong Song (ms296@cornell.edu)
Type Academic course
Delivery Type Hybrid Track (2 weeks online + 2 weeks offline): Real-time
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Afternoon
Course code ISS1081
Course number 18062

Cap. of Enrollment: 20

This four-week-course is specially designed for students who have no or little knowledge of Korean to acquire four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of the basic Korean language in the real world setting. Each day of 3 hours of class consists of a mini lecture and an activity session. Students will gain the foundation of Korean alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, expressions and cultural points during lecture. Then, they will practice the learned knowledge in pairs or in small groups during the activity session in the classroom, and then reach out its usage outside of the classroom.


The goal of this course is to master Hangul, the Korean alphabet system, to be able to read and write Korean, and to acquire survival skills in Korean required for the beginning level. Students will gain confidence in using Korean about the familiar topics with native Korean speakers.

Covered Grammar: 

Korean Writing System: Hangul, Particles: -이/가, -은/는, -을/를, -에/-에서, -하고

Ending Styles: -이에요/예요, -어요/아요, -(으)세요

Number System: Sino-Korean numbers, native Korean numbers, various counters

Grammar Structures: -에 있어요/없어요/많아요, -에 가다, -에서 –하다, -에 얼마예요? 안 ~

Question Words: 무엇/뭐, 누구, 어디, 몇, 얼마

Demonstratives: 이~/그~/저~


Prerequisite: None


Lesson Plan
Class 1: Basic Vowels and Consonants
Class 2: Y Vowels, W Vowels, Aspirated Consonants, Tense Consonants
Class 3: Consonant Family, Final Consonants, Final Consonant Clusters, Reading Words
Class 4: Pronunciation Rules, Reading Sentences, Typing
Class 5: Quiz 1, L5-1 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation, Task 1~3
Class 6: L5-2 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation, Task 1~3
Class 7: Quiz 2, L6-1 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation, Task 1~3
Class 8: L6-2 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation, Task 1~3
Class 9: L6 Extension, Project guideline, L7-1 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation
Class 10: Quiz 3, L7-1 Task 1~3, L7-2 Vocab, Grammar
Class 11: L7-2 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation, Task 1~3
Class 12: Quiz 4, L8-1 Vocab, Grammar, Conversation
Class 13: L8-1 Task 1~3, L8-2 Vocab, Grammar
Class 14: L8-2 Grammar, Conversation, Task 1~3
Class 15: Quiz 5, Presentation
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