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Title Microprocessor and IoT
Field of Study Engineering
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code ISS1125
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This course discusses about how microprocessor works, using x86 and RISC architectures as
case studies, followed by its usage on microcontroller (case study: ATMega) in Arduino and Raspberry. The last 2 classes discuss about future research and enhancement possibilities in microprocessor world including IoT and its supporting technologies.

Week 1
Day 1 Computer Organization and History of Microprocessor
Day 2 Microprocessor and Memory Interaction
Day 3 Machine Instruction (case study: x86)
Day 4 Machine Instruction (case study: RISC)

Week 2
Day 1 Making Microprocessor faster: Pipeline (case study: DLX architecture)
Day 2 Making Microprocessor faster: Hyper Threading (case study: x86)
Day 3 Making Microprocessor faster: Harvard Architecture
Day 4 Memory Management (case study: IBM PC and Apple Mac)

Week 3
Day 1 Microcontroller (case study: ARM and ATMega)
Day 2 Designing an IoT System using Arduino: Input and Output
Day 3 Designing an IoT System using Arduino: Sensor and Connectivity
Day 4 Designing an IoT System using Raspberry

Week 4
Day 1 Designing an IoT System using IoT Platform
Day 2 Extending IoT Platform
Day 3 Future Researches on Microprocessor #1
Day 4 Future Researches on IoT #2


– Students should be able to explain how microprocessor works by comparing x86 and RISC architecture
– Students should be able to design and program an Arduino system using emulator such as
– Students should be able to explain the future trends of microprocessor technologies


Understanding on Logic Circuit and C Programming is needed

Materials HISS Syllabus_Microprocessor and IoT_Nyoman Karna
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