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Title North Korean Politics & Society
Field of Study Korean studies
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code PSD4025
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North Korea continues to baffle many outsiders regarding the internal politics and international diplomacy. Outsiders have little to no grasp of the country’s political actions. This course analyzes the historical, political, social, and cultural changes in North Korea from 1948 to present day. North Korea has often been referred to a country where time stands still by Western media. However, a closer examination of the nation-state will reveal a contradictory and counter-intuitive outlook on the tumultuous evolution of the politics, society, and culture.


This course will provide a deeper insight into the elusive country, and it will provide the students to critically approach and understand the politics, society, and culture of the DPRK.


All reading materials will be online.

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