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Title Operations Research
Field of Study Engineering
Professor KWON GI MUN (kwonjimun@gmail.com)
Type Academic course
Delivery Type Online Track (100% online course): Real-time
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Morning
Course code ISS1100
Course number 18013

Operations Research (OR) is the science of decision making. The course emphasizes model formulation. Linear and Integer Programming techniques will be introduced. OR approach involves forming models, analyzing these models, and then deciding on some optimal course of action. In this course, we will start with the classical Simplex Method and graph theoretic applications are then introduced. At the end of this course, students will have the skills to build their own formulations, to expand existing formulations, to critically analyze the impact of model assumptions and to choose an appropriate solution technique.

  • Introduce concepts and methodology for the solution of LP and IP.
  • Understand of model formulation and critical decisions.
  • Provide the opportunity of using software packages for solving LP/IP models.

Basic calculus and statistics should be enough. Linear Algebra will help.


(Textbook) Not Required


  • Microsoft Office, Python, and Gurobi Solver (free for academic users)


  • Introduction to Operations Research, by Hillier and Lieberman
  • Linear Programming and Network Flows, by Bazaraa, Jarvis and Sherali
Lesson Plan
Class 1: Introduction to Operations Research (History and Applications)
Class 2: Introduction to Operations Research (Modeling Linear Programming)
Class 3: Linear Programming: Modeling and Solution (Geometry and Simplex Method)
Class 4: Linear Programming: Modeling and Solution (Dual Theory and Sensitivity Analysis)
Class 5: Linear Programming: Modeling and Solution (Big-M Method and LP Tricks)
Class 6: Linear Programming: Applications
Class 7: Review Session – Midterm Examination
Class 8: Midterm Examination
Class 9: Integer Programming: Modeling and Formulation
Class 10: Integer Programming: Branch & Bound and Mixed Integer Programming
Class 11: Solving LP and MIP with Python / Excel
Class 12: Transportation Problem, Assignment Problem, Shortest-path Problem, and Scheduling
Class 13: Review Session – Final Examination
Class 14: Final Exam
Class 15: Wrap-Up Session
Last Updated April 15, 2021
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