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Title Project management
Field of Study Business, Economics, Engineering
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Afternoon
Course code APS4008
Course number 18066
Description Project management is applicable to any field of work and study, and the course topics include project initiation, risk, estimating and contracts, planning, human factors, project execution, and standard methods. At university a student is required to plan their studies and manage the course as an individual and a member of the team. Furthermore, in most companies and areas of employment students as they become employees will be expected to work in a project managed environment and later in their careers to manage projects. Project management knowledge is vital to project organisation as well as an individual as a member of project organisation because all projects are about teamwork and need to be able to perform a project successfully. Based on the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) core knowledge areas, this course is designed for anyone who not only needs fundamental knowledge of project management, but also improves project management skills, which will help them to do the right thing and do the thing right in their class and work environments like group works and projects.
This course is an introduction of project management based on the PMBOK and it aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamental principles and concepts in project management and equip a student with theoretical framework and skills in using project management tools. Topics will include the project management framework, project management processes and project management knowledge areas.   The broad objectives in the course are four: 1. Project Management Knowledge Development – Understand the principles and concepts of project management and equip with the theoretical foundation; 2. Project Management Skill Building – Build confidence in each student’s ability to use PM tools/techniques and solve problems associated with initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closeout of projects in their class and work environments; 3. Future Career Preparation - Be conversant with the PMBOK in the project management environments and develop a management perspective about projects to help future project management careers. 4. PM Professional and Community Establishment - Satisfy the educational requirements (at least 35 contact hours of formal education) for the PMP credential by demonstrating the successful completion of this course and establish a community for future project managers who can share best practices for each other.
Preparations Pre-knowledge is not needed. Textbook will be provided in the shared folder.
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