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Title Strategic Management
Field of Study Business
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Afternoon
Course code BUS4019
Course number 18058
This course develops the conceptual and applied skills associated with analyzing a competitive situation from a general management point of view.  It addresses issues affecting the fundamental direction of the firm, considers the formulation and implementation of strategy, focuses on the extent to which different aspects of the firm fit with key environmental forces, and discusses the organization’s ability to leverage its unique core competencies.  The course views the organization holistically and, as such, goes beyond the mere integration of specific organizational functions
Learning Objectives Learning Outcomes Assessment
To understand the strategic positioning of the whole enterprise in the competitive marketplace and the role of the general manager in this process. To enhance the ability to think strategically – to analyze unstructured situations, diagnose problems and recognize opportunities, formulate and evaluate alternatives, make decisions and develop action plans – under conditions of ambiguity, uncertainty and change. To appreciate how the capabilities of the firm must be combined and leveraged to achieve lasting competitive advantage. To integrate sustainability to overall business strategy development. Value – creating and managing economic and social value through depth and integration of academic disciplines. Operations & Systems – understanding, evaluating and managing processes and systems. Research – rationalizing, grounding, and informing by gathering and applying analytics. Sustainability – confluence of environmental, economic, and social issues. Case Report/Final Exam Case Studies Unit Tests Group Presentation Class Participation
To recommend appropriate ways to implement the chosen strategy. To write a compelling business case and present the findings in a convincing manner. To communicate ideas verbally. Communication – creating, designing, and expressing meaning through diverse channels Case Report/Final Exam Group Presentation Class Participation
To apply the concepts of the course in real life contexts. To appreciate the wider consequences of business decisions. Creativity and innovation – intentional change and imagination create value in our economy, society an/or individual lives. Case Report/Final Exam Class Participation
To coordinate the functions of a complex business organization in a team environment. To acquire skills in managing group dynamics, expressing their views, and working in a team environment. Diversity Ethics – principles that govern behaviour Professional capacity, behaviour, and conduct Group Presentation Peer Evaluations Class Participation
This course is suited to students who have taken at least one year of undergraduate business education
Materials: Johnson, Whittington, Regnér, Scholes, Angwin (2017), “Exploring Strategy11th edition, Pearson. We will not use the cases included in the “text and cases” version of this textbook so please feel free to purchase the “Text Only” edition if you wish (ISBN 978-1292145129). Case studies will be ordered individually by each student from Ivey Publishing online.
Materials Strategic Management_Tae Jun Bae
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