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Title Strategic Management
Field of Study Business
Professor hanyang (
Type Academic course
Delivery Method Offline (100% offline course):
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Course code BUS4019
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The objective of this course is to introduce key concepts, tools, and principles of strategy formulation and implementation. Strategic Management covers the managerial decisions and actions that impact the performance and survival of companies. This course is focused on the information, analyses, organizational processes, and skills and managerial judgment that managers must use to position their businesses, determine boundaries of a firm and maximize the long-term profits in the face of competition and uncertainty.


Strategic Management is an interdisciplinary and integrative course, requiring broad views of environment that cover suppliers, buyers, competitors, government, technology and economy. In studying Strategic Management, the course draws on all concepts and ideas from the Introduction to Business Administration that you have taken last year.


Strategic Management takes a general management perspective, reflecting a firm as a whole, and exploring how strategies in each functional area are combined into a overall competitive strategy. The key strategic decisions in this course involve competitive strategies, boundary decisions, resource allocation and analyzing a firm.


By studying this course, we hope that students are able to learn the insights about how a firm effectively uses strategic management in the complex global environment in which most firms operate and try to outperform their competitors.


Reading Materials:

Any text books related to the topic of ‘global strategic management’ or ‘international strategic management’ will be useful.

However, this class will mostly rely on the following books as a major text.

-Dess, G., Lumpkin, G., and Eisner, A. (2007), “Strategic Management: Text & Cases”, McGraw-Hill (ISBN: 978-0-07-310246-7) 7th ed.

-Power Point Materials for each week class will be provided.


In addition, further reading materials in the form of journal article will be notified in advance of the week.

Also, students are required to read and prepare for the in-class case study.


  • Reading materials

No textbooks are available. Reading materials, power points and cases will be provided at least one week in advance.



Lesson Plan
Class 1: Introduction Introduction to strategic management: Creating competitive advantage
Class 2: Analyzing the external environment
Class 3: Analyzing the internal environment
Class 4: Strategy at the functional level
Class 5: Strategy at the business level
Class 6: Strategy at the corporate level
Class 7: Review
Class 8: Mid-term week
Class 9: Strategy at the corporate level II: Diversification
Class 10: Corporate governance
Class 11: Organizational structure
Class 12: International strategy
Class 13: Cooperative strategy
Class 14: Cooperative strategy
Class 15: Review/ Class 16: Final Exam
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