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Title Understanding a Visual Language in Media
Field of Study Media
Professor hanyang (summerschool@hanyang.ac.kr)
Type Academic course
Credits 3
Contact hours 45
Schedule Morning
Course code ISS1004
Course number 18010
Description In this class, we will examine different visual languages using significant films and other media representative of important historic and contemporary ideas and movements. Screenings and readings guide discussions and analysis geared toward providing familiarity with a broad range of visual language and styles and connecting them to larger questions of culture production and artistic expression.
Objective On completion of this course, students will understand basic film terminology and visual language and will be able to critically analyze the meaning of a visual sequence; students will understand film and other media as a whole, based on its basic components and cultural background. In addition, through comparing visual languages in various media, students will be able to examine and explore different production approaches. From this analysis, students will have opportunities to develop their own visual language as effective communicators. Finally, this course will provide students with the ability to break down sequences in films and other media and analyze them in a manner that extends beyond pure entertainment.  
  1. To develop critical and analytical skills in viewing and evaluating films and other media.
  2. To examine and understand how visual works stimulate our emotions, influence our thoughts, and even guide our actions and beliefs.
  3. To perceive and understand the visual works and articulate this perception and understanding.
  4. To better understand another culture and production methods through the study of international film and media and comparison of different media.
  5. To explore and experiment with narrative construction both in visual strategies and shot-to-shot relations.
To become well versed in conventional and alternative techniques of storytelling through readings, discussion and screenings of significant films and other media.
Preparations I’ll email you the course-pack entitled: Understanding a Visual Language in Media Study Guide
Materials Understanding a Visual Language in Media_Changhee Chun
Lesson Plan
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