How can delivery and mailing services be used?2019-11-14T01:21:48+09:00

You should use the campus post office in connection with the delivery and mailing services. HISS team does not help you with this task and does not accept any parcels as well.

Can I use Wi-Fi on the campus?2019-11-14T01:21:48+09:00

Yes, Wi-Fi is available free of charge at all locations on campus, including residence halls.

Can I give up my classes during the program?2019-11-14T01:21:48+09:00

There is an opportunity to add/drop the course before the program begins. Course drop after the given period is not allowed, and it may result in F.

Do I have to pay for the activities separately?2019-11-14T01:21:48+09:00

No, additional charge for the activities will not be collected.

Is health insurance required during the period of study?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

Health Insurance Coverage is mandatory during the program period, and it must cover the entire duration of the program. If students do not submit their documents before the submission deadline, they will be automatically listed to purchase an insurance provided by Hanyang.

I am a non-Korean citizen. What kind of visa do I need?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

Unless you are a student from a country which is exempted from Visa, you must request a short-term study visa so called D-2-8 to study in an accredited institution, Hanyang University. Hanyang University will send students a “Certificate of Admission” which is an official format of invitation letter that students need for the application of Visa via email for their references.

Is there an airport shuttle service between Incheon/Gimpo Airport and Hanyang University?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

Hanyang University is working with an external company called, Entrance for providing the Airport Pick-up and Drop-off Service with an extra charge. If you are looking for a convenient way to get to the airport for your departure, you can click the link provided by us afterwards.

What if I arrive late for my program?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

There will be a student orientation on the first day of the program. Important information about the details of the program will be given during the orientation, and students are expected to be present at the event. Hanyang Academic Policy indicates students can miss maximum 3 classes (9hours), however, for absences resulting from force majeure (Illness, injury, hospitalization, death) and emergency situations, students must discuss with professor.

Does the cost of the on-campus residence hall include meals?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

No, the on-campus dormitory fee does not include meal plans. Students can use convenience stores and school restaurants. Please be noted that cooking and eating in the dorm is also prohibited for any sanitary matters.

Is there a curfew in the student residence hall?2019-11-29T13:52:48+09:00

Since students who participate in HISS do not follow the dorm demerit system for Hanyang domestic students, they should follow separate rules of living during their stay. For any rule-breaking situations, students may be discharged.

Is bedding provided in the student residence hall?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

Yes, the on-campus housing fee includes beddings.

Is there a single room option for the on-campus housing?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

The on-campus housing offered by Hanyang University does not include a single-room option. If you apply for the on-campus housing, you will be sharing a room with a fellow student.

Do all students attending HISS/HIWS have to apply for the on-campus housing?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

The on-campus housing is an optional choice. Since there are no enough rooms to invite all students, we are allocating students on a first-come, first-served basis. If you fail to apply for on-campus dormitory or prefer to stay near metropolitan area, off-campus accommodations or individual housings are also welcomed. Hanyang University will provide as much care as the on-campus housing, even if you reside in off-campus housing.

Can I arrive early and/or stay late in the dormitory?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

No, early check-in and late check-out are not allowed in either case.

Can I deposit under another person’s name?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

Yes, a virtual account given to each student is a unique account number which is intended only for each of them. All payments that are received on that account will be counted as your payment regardless of the remitter’s name. All students receive their own account number as can be seen on the application page, so, therefore, do not share your number with any other students.

Can I pay with a credit card?2019-11-14T01:21:49+09:00

No, payment for the program/accommodation fee is allowed only by wire transfer.

What will happen if I do not pay the tuition fee and only register course(s) of HISS?2019-11-29T14:37:08+09:00

For Hanyang International Summer School, students are only eligible for the course registration after the payment is completed and they are fully admitted to the program. Students will receive either a Welcome Letter or an Incomplete Application Notification through email after submitting their applications via Hanyang system. Once they make their payment properly before the payment deadline, they will be receiving the Letter of Admission and Hanyang student ID which will be used to register for the courses.

Can I register on an exchange-student basis?2019-11-29T13:54:19+09:00

In general, exchange student agreements between universities are only offered for spring/fall sessions. However, with some active partner universities, Hanyang University may have exchange agreements with a clause that includes the international summer school. Please inquire and apply through your home university, or you will need to apply and register for HISS on an individual basis.

Am I eligible for Hanyang International Summer School?2019-11-29T13:56:31+09:00

You are eligible for Hanyang International Summer School if you are one of these:

  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate program
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an undergraduate program
  • Have received acceptance for and will be attending an undergraduate program in Fall
Is there any language requirement?2019-11-14T01:21:50+09:00

At present, there is no minimum GPA requirement. All courses with the exception of the Korean Language Course are conducted in English. Therefore, there is no need to have any previous knowledge of the Korean language in order to attend HISS/HIWS. However, in order to be able to follow courses, a certain level of English proficiency will be necessary.

Can I renew my passport upon being admitted to the program?2019-11-29T13:57:50+09:00

No, students may receive an email of Incomplete Application Notification when passport renewal is required. Before being proceeded to the next step, students should upload their renewed passport before the deadline. Failure to submit the document after that time will result in termination of participation/enrollment in HISS.

Do I have to pay my fees in Korean won?2019-11-14T01:21:50+09:00

All currency is accepted, however, it is applicant’s responsibility to pay the exact amount based on the daily exchange rate. (Only deficit or surplus bigger than 50,000 KRW from total fees will be respectively charged or refunded to students upon arrival at Hanyang.)

When will I get a notification of the result of my application?2019-11-14T01:21:50+09:00

HISS team is reviewing the application every day, so students will be notified via email within 2 business days of the submission. If your payment is well received on our side and received a letter of admission, you will be fully admitted to the program.

Is a transcript offered in color?2019-11-14T01:21:50+09:00

Yes, students are given an official color-printed transcript after the completion of a program.

How many courses can I take during the program?2019-11-29T14:33:09+09:00

In HISS, students can take up to 3 courses: Morning, Afternoon and Evening course.

I failed to register for the classes. What should I do?2019-11-29T13:59:03+09:00

There will be several more rounds for course registration before the program begins. Make sure not to miss the next round. If the course you desire if fully taken, you can consult with the professor of the class and submit the petition form upon the start of the program. HISS team will manually register you with additional slot once the professor confirms.

How do I know which level of Korean Language Course to register?2019-11-14T01:21:51+09:00

Korean Language proficiency tests will be given on the first day of the program. The instructor will exam your Korean language level to allocate you to the appropriate class.

How can I transfer my credits?2019-11-29T14:02:00+09:00

All HISS courses are credit-bearing courses and are acknowledged at most universities and institutions. However, it is best that you consult appropriate academic officials at your home institution from the home university about the credit transferability before the program begins. It is student’s responsibility and home university’s right to consult and transfer the credits. Course syllabi and academic policy of HISS including the grading system can be found on our official website. It is recommended to keep the course syllabus for your credit transfer.

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