Research Project offers students opportunities to gain experience in its cutting-edge labs by participating in Research Project in the field of Engineering and Science. Students will be able to participate in the different phases of research activities such as developing research plans, conducting research, analyzing data and presenting research result.

1. Eligibility

  • HISS Student
  • Pre-requisites (available on each syllabus)

2. Project Duration

  • 4-week project

3. Overview

Course Type Research Project
Course Code ISS1117
Schedule Tuesday through Friday from 1:00PM – 6:00PM
Contact hours +60 contact hours. (consult with a professor for exact hours)
Credits 3 credits*
Notes * Although Research Project is 3 credits, student can only take a Morning course in addition to the Research Project, due to the time constraint.

4. Available Projects

5. Registration Process

  1. Understand: the difference from academic and elective courses
    Research Project Academic / Elective
    Course Registration By HISS Program coordinator By students
    Selection Procedure Selected by each project host professor First-come, first-served
    Required Documents N/A

  2. Check: available projects and find the desire project.
  3. Prepare: required documents above and send it to us via email
  4. Wait: for the result of selection of candidates which will be announced via email. As a selection process, students might be contacted by Research Assistant or Professor directly for the additional interview.
  5. Confirm: the paired project and check whether it is well registered online by HISS office

Research Project is one of the courses that HISS offers, so students who take Research Project can also enjoy all the activities or events offered by HISS. For any further inquiries, please contact