Living Expenses in Seoul

Enjoying your days in Korea and Hanyang without a budget, you may find yourself wondering why your savings are running out. The following table shows the estimated expenses near Hanyang University (Wangsimni District). Meal for 2 people (Inexpensive Restaurant) 10,000 KRW Domestic Beer (0.5L draught) 4,000 KRW One-way Ticket (Subway) 1,250 KRW Taxi Start (Basic Tariff) 3,800 KRW 1 Winter Jacket in a Chain Store (ZARA, H&M, žžž) 80,000 KRW 1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range) 139,000 KRW 1 Bedroom Apartment Rent Per Month 600,000 KRW One cup of Americano coffee 4,000 KRW Major shopping places for household/consumer ... Read more >

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Places to Study at HYU

There are many places on and off-campus that would be very convenient to study with free Wi-Fi connections! Even if you’re not interested in studying, you are still welcomed to enjoy some coffee or tea and relax. ON-CAMPUS STUDY AREAS Paiknam Library For those that are looking into places to study on campus, Paiknam Library could be a perfect place for you! Paiknam Library (Building #501) provides a pleasant research and learning space with other amenities. Students can reserve a room for group studies, and of course, private study rooms and printing services are also available. But don’t forget to ... Read more >

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Hanyang University Shortcut (a.k.a Portal)

The area of Hanyang University’s Seoul campus amounts to 408,786. The wide area of the school causes a lot of problems in mobility that make students exhausted even before reaching classrooms. Consequently, shortcuts called ‘Hanyang University Portals’ were made secretly, and only those who knew them used to use them in the past, but now most of the students take advantage of using them. However, it is difficult for international students and foreign exchange students to find them. Therefore, this is the introduction about Hanyang University Portals and let’s examine them one by one. Portal of Social Science building ... Read more >

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Top Apps to Download

It can be tough adjusting to life in a foreign country, especially when you don’t speak the local language. Living in South Korea is no exception. For your reference, we have compiled a list of the must-download apps if you plan on living in South Korea! KakaoTalk Messenger KakaoTalk is THE messaging app in South Korea. Out of the 8 apps listed in this article, this one is arguably the most essential if you plan on staying in the country for an extended period of time. It has all the features of any other messaging app you’ve probably used ... Read more >

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