Garbage Guide in Korea

If you just landed in Korea and are planning to stay for a while, you might have noticed that garbage disposal in South Korea works a little differently than it does in other countries. But no worries! This article will help you understand everything you need to know about garbage disposal and recycling in Korea. Garbage Bags There are various types of garbage bags in South Korea. One important matter to remember is that each district has its own official garbage bag so you will have to use the one that is exclusive to the neighborhood you live in. (i.e. ... Read more >

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How to get a Korean SIM card

HOW TO GET KOREAN SIM CARDVisitors or foreigners coming to Korea can purchase eSIM or a physical SIM card online prior to their arrival. If you have eSIM compatible phone, you don’t have to visit an offline counter in airport but just download a plan by scanning a QR code. You can keep your own phone number as well since you don’t have to remove your original SIM card. If you prefer a physical SIM card, you can purchase it online prior to arrival or after arrival at telecom company counters in airports.BEFORE BUYING A SIM CARDMake sure your phone ... Read more >

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How to Convert Your Clothing Size in Korea

Korean clothing sizes for women Since the sizes of the clothes are measured according to Korean standard body frames, a medium in your country can be totally different from a medium in South Korea. The majority of Korean women are quite petite, the most produced size being a 55 (or international size small!). Even the shape of garments is slightly different in Korea. You might have noticed that clothes in stores start a little smaller and finish a little smaller as well. South Korea does not have many options of plus sizes, however there are specialty shops in foreigner districts ... Read more >

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How to get to HYU from Airport

Address: International Building, Hanyang University 222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu Seoul, 04763, Korea From Incheon Int’l Airport Limousine Bus #6010 Approximately 90 minutes 15,000 KRW Bus stops at Wangsimni Station Taxi Approximately 80 minutes 70,000 KRW (standard) Subway Approximately 100 minutes 4,500 KRW (proportion of distance) Take Incheon Airport Railroad Incheon International Airport Station > Hongik University Station Transfer to subway line 2 Hongik University Station> Hanyang University Station Campus Navigator 인천국제공항: https://www.airport.kr/ap_cnt/en/tpt/direction/direction.do 코엑스: https://www.coexcenter.com/directions-map-subway/

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English Websites for Online Shopping in Korea

Koreans are professionals when it comes to “Home Shopping”, and you’ve probably heard of a few websites to shop from such as Gmarket, Interpark and Coupang. But these websites are mostly written in Korean, so in case you’re not fluent in Korean yet, we found you some Korean online shopping malls in English. Whether you’re looking for groceries, fashion, cosmetics or even technology and furniture, they’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the best websites that will make your life easier (and cheaper) in Korea. ALL/MULTI PURPOSE ONLINE SHOPS Global Gmarket (Android/IOS) Gmarket is the most famous website to ... Read more >

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10 Korean Numbers You Should Know In Case of Emergency

For a safe stay in Korea, it is helpful to know some of the Emergency/Medical hotline in Korea. Along with the Emergency hotline in Korea, we introduce some of the helpline for Foreigners in Korea. All of the numbers below provide services in English and some also in other languages for example Chinese. Emergency/Medical Hotlines 112  | Police Call to report life-threatening situations and emergencies requiring law enforcement. Text service and location tracking service is also available. 119 | Fire & Ambulance The fire department and health emergencies requiring ambulance service. There’s also an English reporting section on their website. 182 | Missing Persons & Stolen ... Read more >

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