3 Plentiful Seoul Parks to Visit

Seoul parks are places to take the family, visit museums, see animals, and just stretch out on a mat and relax. They are also great for people watching, as Koreans and their families flock to parks to socialize in public. With that in mind, here are short descriptions of three of the most interesting parks in Seoul. Yongsan Park | Yongsan-gu, Seoul On slightly rolling hills, Yongsan Park is adjacent to the National Museum of Korea and makes a lovely place to relax and cool off after taking in the exhibitions at the museum. The park is scattered with picnic ... Read more >

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How to Navigate Your Way in Seoul

Going to a new city is difficult enough without the added stress of figuring out how to navigate your way through the city’s terrain. There are five main ways to get around Seoul: bus, subway, taxi, and biking. Hopefully, this article will give you an idea of what those four ways look like in Seoul, South Korea. Subway Korea (App store/Google Play) Luckily, Seoul has one of the best metro systems in the world. The subway system in Korea is very easy to navigate, and the Subway Korea app makes things even easier. Available in both English and Korean, ... Read more >

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Explore Seoul By Bike (a.k.a. 따릉이)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a public bike-sharing service in 2015 called Seoul Bikes (“따릉이” in Korean). It was designed to be a self-operating rental service that could be used conveniently by anyone. The system was designed to resolve issues of traffic congestion, air pollution, and high oil prices in Seoul, and to build a healthier society while enhancing the quality of life for Seoul citizens. Currently there are 20,000 Seoul Bikes available to users, with plans to expand the project in the coming years. Seoul Bikes are a great way to travel distances that are a bit too ... Read more >

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